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To protect your WTP from system failure, over use of chemicals, rapid membrane depreciation, etc., PWT offers monitoring and control technologies. With the addition of these technologies to your system, you are looking at optimizing your operations and reducing your operational cost.


This monitoring technology brings all your common data challenges into one simple platform. Intelogx™ offers alarms, reports and control of your system right in the palm of your hand. Available in different packages to suit the requirements of each system, Intelogx™ is the solution to remote monitoring. Some of the actions and alarms available:

  • Start and stop of equipment
  • Adjustment of operating set points
  • Access to HMI controls in real time
  • Alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Data safely stored onto our servers
  • Membrane health at a glance

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Think Intelogx™ could be usefull to you? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to evaluate the situation with you.


Clearlogx is an automation and control technology that regulates how coagulants are fed in UF systems to prevent membrane fouling. This technology optimizes coagulant addition based on the amount required for soluble organic removal. The process also controls acid or base feed to regulate particle charge. This charge control reduces particle attraction to the membrane surface thus reducing fouling.

This automation and control technology can carry out multiple actions:


  • Flow pacing
  • Coagulant dosage
  • Acid or base for pH
  • Disinfection control
  • Chemical selection set up
  • Feed to analyser delay
  • pH adjustment


  • Avoid chemical overdosing and waste
  • Improve sedimentation to clarification to flotation
  • Offset against changing feed water conditions
  • Reduced membrane fouling
  • Extend membrane life

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Think the Clearlogx™ could help you reduce your chemical consumption? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to evaluate the situation with you.