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PWT specialty products are used on numerous systems, in different industries worldwide. Discover how PWT is helping system operators and owners maximise their membranes’ longevity along with helping reduce their spending for chemicals.

Exploring special properties and versatile applications of dendrimers

Dendrimers are well-defined three-dimensional hyper-branched macromolecules whose physiochemical properties provide distinct advantages in their use as scale inhibitors in reverse osmosis applications.

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Coca-Cola FEMSA, Reverse Osmosis Plant

Coca-Cola FEMSA operates a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant for its bottling operations in the Boca del Río facility in Veracruz, Mexico. The plant has two reverse osmosis systems, each designed to produce 90 gpm of permeate.

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Qingdao SWRO Desalination Plant

China’s Qingdao SWRO Desalination Plant went online in June 2012 to provide 100,000 m3 of drinking water per day to the 500,000 person City of Qingdao. The plant was developed by a joint venture between Abengoa and the Municipality of Qingdao and is one of the many seawater desalination initiatives in the country that supply water for residential and industrial use.

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ProDose XPRT™ Scaling Prediction Software

ProDose XPRT™ provides immediate dosage capabilities for our specialty chemicals. The software can create cases to study multiple operating conditions, and directly enter concentrate analyses leading to the optimal selection of PWT product and dosage.