Coagulants & Flocculants

Coagulation/flocculation operations have been common place for decades, but with advances in membrane technology, coagulants/flocculants have been used with increased frequency to improve the efficacy of MF/UF systems. PWT’s FilteRx™ line of specialty coagulants and flocculants, and our unique understanding of their application can help improve your operations, while minimizing overdosing. Whether it’s conventional clarification, media filtration, or enhancing the efficiency of MF/UF systems, PWT has the knowhow to help operations run as smoothly as possible.

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ProDose XPRT™ Scaling Prediction Software

ProDose XPRT™ provides immediate dosage capabilities for our specialty chemicals. The software can create cases to study multiple operating conditions, and directly enter concentrate analyses leading to the optimal selection of PWT product and dosage.