Membrane Cleaners

Fouling is often an unavoidable side effect of membrane filtration, but effective foulant removal during cleanings is crucial to maximize system performance and membrane life. Whether it is organics, biological activity, metal hydroxides (such as iron), and/or scale (such as CaCO3 or silica) PWT’s full line of proprietary, membrane safe cleaners help tackle the various foulants that can build up during operation. With specially selected builders, surfactants, solubilizing agents, dispersing agents, buffers, and/or chelating agents each cleaner was developed to target specific foulants, providing superior removal. Available as liquids (Lavasol™’s) or powders (OptiClean™’s), and covering a variety of pH ranges, PWT has a cleaning solution for RO, UF and all types of membranes.

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ProDose XPRT™ Scaling Prediction Software

ProDose XPRT™ provides immediate dosage capabilities for our specialty chemicals. The software can create cases to study multiple operating conditions, and directly enter concentrate analyses leading to the optimal selection of PWT product and dosage.