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Operating a water treatment plant can sometimes be tricky. With that in mind, we created tools to help you with the maintenance of your membranes and system operation.

We invite you to browse through the following as they can help quickly fix and improve small problems.

CIP Calculator

CIP calculator should be used for calculating weight/volume of chemical cleaner to be added in the CIP tank. Select the number of vessels, element size and elements per vessel in the calculator for a more accurate prediction. A piping factor of 25% is normally recommended but this can be adjusted

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Dilution & dosage calculator

Antiscalant Dosage Calculator should be used to calculate the amount of PWT antiscalant delivered by dosing pump from a dilution tank, direct from the drum or from a bulk storage facility, into the feed water based on the feed flow and the desired PWT antiscalant active dosage concentration. Use PWT ProDose software to calculate antiscalant dosage concentration in the feed stream.  Please follow general guidelines recommended for use of PWT antiscalants.

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Product Selector

Need help identifying the appropriate product for your system?

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