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PWT is offering a FREE RO element autopsy and an in-house cleaning study to one lucky plant. Visit our booth at MTC 2017 for more details and a chance to win.

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PWT offers specialty chemicals for membrane treatment systems and continuously strives to lead in chemistry for membrane separation and filtration, developing new products and improving existing ones. PWT offers high quality membrane pretreatment, cleaners and preservatives along with complete laboratory services.


Membrane Pretreatment Chemicals

Our blend of scale inhibitors and antiscalants are specifically designed to control scaling and reduce cleaning. Phosphate free and available in concentrated form, PWT’s products offer high performance. These products are available in liquid and powder form.

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Membrane Cleaners

Offered in liquid and powder formulas, PWT’s specialty membrane cleaners are ideal for RO/NF and MF/UF membranes for removal of common to complex foulants.

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Coagulants & Flocculants

These products are developed to improve efficiency of direct filtration processes to increase the removal of colloidal solids.

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Membrane Preservatives

PWT’s liquid and powder membrane preservatives allow membranes to be stored for short and extended periods of time without loss of performance.

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Product Selector

Need help identifying the appropriate product for your system?

Search no more, we have the answer! Answer a few specific questions and we will indicate which product is best suited for your situation.

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Case study

Qingdao SWRO Desalination Plant

Since June 2012, this desalination plant provide 100,000 m3 of drinking water per day to the 500,000 person of the city of Qingdao.

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Laboratory and field services

PWT has the expertise to perform numerous analyses in its fully equipped laboratory or on site at your plant. Objective, scientific and professional, our comprehensive reports will allow you to make the most informed decisions about the pretreatment and operation of your membrane system. In addition, we can determine the most effective cleaning regimen for your system using your membrane with our full scale cleaning system; and we can investigate the best antiscalant for your specific water source.

Trouble shooting guide

Having problems with your system? We can help, and quickly. Have a look at the broad trouble shooting guide we put together. With it, you should be able to get your system back on track.

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Online tools

Operating a water treatment plant can sometimes be tricky. With that in mind, we created tools to help you with the maintenance of your membranes.


Calculate the amount of PWT antiscalant delivered by dosing pump from a dilution tank

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Calculate the weight/volume of chemical cleaner to be added in the CIP tank.

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