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Our high performance line of specialty chemicals is really only half of the solution.  Our core objective at PWT is to provide our customers with the tools and technical resources necessary to optimize the performance of their membrane systems. It is through the dedication of our experienced water treatment professionals that we can complete this solution!

Greg Madden

Vice President Specialty Products & Services

Greg’s engineering career in the water industry started 20 years ago. With his BSChE from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Greg got his start building water treatment systems for beverage plants. He grew through various positions in the water industry and developed great knowledge of water chemistry and membrane treatment. Complementing this knowledge, he also has a knack for taking great care of his clients, having won the Top Gun award 7 years in a row for his outstanding customer service. Since joining PWT in 2009, Greg has actively participated in the development of the company and its’ products. He is driven by his passion for continuously improving the quality of PWT products and optimizing clients systems.

Ryan Furukawa

Managing Director

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2003, Ryan began his career in the membrane industry at Hydranautics where he held various positions relating to product and application development, RO and MF/UF membrane system process design, and technical support. Since joining PWT in 2009, he has committed his efforts to leading the development of new and innovative technologies, in addition to growing PWT’s domestic sales and international distribution network. Over the duration of his career, he has also held active roles in both the International Desalination Association (IDA), and the Southwest Membrane Operators Association (SWMOA) where he received a Distinguished Service Award.

Carolyn Hostetter

Customer Support Manager

Carolyn is in charge of quite a lot in the office. Amongst other things, she over sees the customer service and logistic team at PWT to ensure orders are processed without a hiccup. Carolyn takes great care of our customers and our many distributors with regards to our products and their orders. With over 25 years of experience in customer support and management, you can bet she will be on top of things and offer great support to everyone on the team and our clients.

Mazen Ellaban

Commercial Manager

Since he started working in the water industry following is graduation from the IE Business School in Spain, Mazen has travelled the world and taken part on some impressive projects. One of those was a 35 MLD SWRO plant in Qatar which received the Meed’s National Power and Water Desalination Project of the Year award. Mazen has also worked in various environments giving him an understanding of the various elements and realities affecting a water treatment system. As the latest to join the PWT team, his acute knowledge of chemicals has helped PWT increase its presence in western Canada.

Charles Wardle

Regional Sales Manager

Since he started working in the water industry in 2011, Charles has had the chance to participate in important projects and increase his knowledge and understanding of water treatment. Charles was responsible for the coordination, commissioning, start-up, and trouble shooting of a full scale pilot system for the treatment of FGD wastewater of one of the largest coal power plants in the USA. He has also done a lot of work for wastewater plants to the point where he doesn’t get annoyed with bad smells anymore. With PWT since 2014, Charles know-how and dynamism has benefited the development of new markets and the improvement of our services.

David Maingot

Regional Sales Manager

David has spent his career working in the Caribbean and Latin America markets in Sales, Marketing and Business Development roles for several different industries and for the past 10 years focused in the Water and Waste Water space. David was born in Venezuela of Trinidadian parents and educated in the US school system which has exposed him to a variety of cultures and languages. He is fluent in Spanish, Island speak with some knowledge of Portuguese. Prior to joining PWT, David spent six years with LG Water Solutions where he retrofitted numerous seawater RO plants with the company’s thin-film nano-composite membranes and set up distribution in key markets throughout the region. David holds a BA in Economics from the University of Florida and currently lives with his family in Coral Springs, Florida.

Roger Macy

Regional Sales Manager

Roger has spent most of his career in the water industry; he spent 10 years commissioning systems and then became a Field-Service Manager before becoming a sales manager at PWT. Roger has commissioned systems in 24 US states, 3 Canadian provinces and a few other countries like Denmark. His knowledge of membrane filtration systems is extensive and impressive. As one of the most experienced member of the PWT team, Roger is often the go-to guy when a tricky situation occurs.


Corey Blaker

Regional Sales Manager

You need your system to be running perfectly? Ask Corey for his help. Having work with other chemical companies and water treatment system builders, he knows the ins and outs of membrane filtration. EPA certified in wastewater and water distribution and holder of a degree in Science, Corey has accumulated a large amount of experience you can trust. One of his career highlights: the completion of a project for the City of Delaware, OH.

Daniela Vidal

Regional Sales Manager

Daniela graduated as a Chemical Engineer in Caracas, and in 2006, she obtained an MBA from the EAE Business School in Barcelona – Spain. Since then, she is working in the water treatment sector, very focused on reverse osmosis. All those years of experience in the technical area, sales, marketing, development and expansion of international business, have allowed her to know the sector very well and offer the best solutions to customers, always optimizing the operation of the plants. Before joining the PWT team, she has worked both in a company that manufactures chemical products for reverse osmosis as RO Product Manager and Export Manager, as well as in a distributor company of specialty products in Iberia as Industry Manager of Water Treatment. It allowed her to know the needs of both parties, always favoring a win-win relationship, working as a great team that always seeks the best solution for the customer.

Ramiro Ramirez

Regional Sales Manager

Joining the PWT team in 2016, Ramiro is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a background in wastewater treatment and plumbing.  Ramiro is equipped to provide technical support both in the office and in the field. Working closely with industry professionals, Ramiro continues to gather valuable knowledge and experience to become well-versed in a broad range of areas within the industry. As a Technical Support Engineer with PWT, Ramiro provides a variety of services geared towards optimizing the performance of your water systems

Amit Sankhe

Product Development Manager

Amit’s role at PWT is developing new chemical cleaners and antiscalantsthat improve membrane longevity and improve overall efficiency of clean water production. He graduated from Clemson University with a PhD in chemical engineering and has been involved in the development of polymer/membrane chemistries used for applications ranging from lithium-ion batteries to water filtration. His journey in the water industry started with developing UF and RO membranes at (the former) NanoH2O which led to his 6+ years’ experience in the water filtration/desalination industry. Amit has been part of the PWT team since 2014.

Shannon Lopez

Junior Chemist

Shannon Lopez is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of California Riverside with a background in water and air purifying technologies. Passionate about innovation in water treatment technologies, Shannon joined the PWT team in 2019 as a Junior Chemist. In order to uphold PWT commitment to product excellency, Shannon aids in ensuring that all PWT products meet our rigorous quality and performance standards. She will be involved in developing new chemistries for cleaners and antiscalants to improve performance of membrane-based systems.

Gregory Sato

Technical Support Engineer

Greg is the Technical Support Engineer at PWT and is ready to help with a variety of tasks related to membrane forensics, cleanings, and optimizing water-treatment systems. He graduated from the University of California San Diego with a BS in Nano Engineering. Greg is applying his knowledge while learning new skills to support and grow both current and future water-treatment projects.

Ryan Giese

Technical Support Manager – Service

Through 20 years in the water industry, Ryan has worked at all stages of the design and maintenance of water treatment systems. His thorough knowledge of treatment systems makes him a dependable Technical Service Manager. Since joining the company a decade ago, Ryan has helped a lot of clients improve their system operation. He can help you with yours!

Isaac Chavero

Manufacturing & Warehouse Manager

Isaac has been working in the water industry since 1998. With a lot of qualifications under his belt (water & wastewater technology, water treatment operation, issued by the state of CA -state water resources control board-) he has occupied various positions within the industry and has therefore a great understanding of the reality of our clients. Isaac has been part of the commissioning team on important projects, and travel to various sites to meet with clients and help them optimize their systems. Behind is reserved personality is a passionate and knowledgeable team player that will find a solution where others can’t.

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