Membrane Pretreatment

Professional Water Technologies’ unique line of membrane pretreatment chemicals were developed to minimize performance loss due to fouling, while helping maximize recovery and reduce cleaning frequencies. PWT offers a wide range of pretreatment products which are hand selected based on your unique feed water chemistry. PWT’s dendrimer based technology provides a phosphate free solution for optimizing system performance, which is ideal in situations where phosphate discharge is a concern. The dendrimer based technology is available as an 11x super concentrate to reduce shipping and/or storage requirements or a ready for use solution. Whether it is scale control, or the prevention of biological/organic fouling, PWT’s pretreatment line and in depth application knowledge will help improve your operations.

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ProDose XPRT™ Scaling Prediction Software

ProDose XPRT™ provides immediate dosage capabilities for our specialty chemicals. The software can create cases to study multiple operating conditions, and directly enter concentrate analyses leading to the optimal selection of PWT product and dosage.