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PWT ProDose XPRT – Scale Prediction Software

ProDose XPRT is our proprietary scaling prediction software designed to provide users with an efficient means of calculating the scale potential and chemical dosages associated with reverse osmosis systems. It was developed with the intent to condense complex calculations down into a user friendly format, providing a useful tool to anyone designing or operating reverse osmosis systems. The current version of ProDose XPRT is armed with new calculation algorithms based on the latest US Geological Survey (USGS) speciation and saturation-index calculations, making it more precise, and therefore more reliable. In addition to the use of new algorithms, several very useful features are included. Users can now create cases to study multiple operating conditions, and directly enter concentrate analyses, leading to the optimal selection of PWT products and dosages. ProDose XPRT is extremely user friendly and you can be confident that the designed chemical program will assure successful control of scaling.

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